Fundamental of Water Mist Cooling Systems
The mist cooling systems employ evaporative cooling to effectively cool and condition the environment. Using filtered water under high pressure, through specially designed nozzles, ultra fine sprays of water droplets or mist are discharged into the environment. When these millions of ultra fine water droplets hit the hot atmosphere, it starts ‘flesh evaporation’ with heat taken from the surrounding atmosphere, thereby quickly reducing the air temperature and cooling the environment.

Cooling Efficiency
Relative humidity, the amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount of moisture the air could absorb at the same temperature, is a crucial factor in determining cooling potential. The lower the relative humidity, the more water can be vaporized, and hence, the more heat can be removed. Evaporative cooling can be used in most geographical locations. This is because when temperatures reach their peak during the day, relative humidity is normally at its lowest.

System Benefits

  • Effectively remove breathable and fugitive dust.
  • Meet or exceed the EPA PM 10 standards.
  • Components are UL and CE rated.
  • One of the most effective methods for treatment of the odors associated with organic waste.
  • Less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional air injection systems.
  • Helps eliminate hazardous working conditions.
  • Increases comfort level for all outdoor environments can drop outdoor temperatures by up to 40 º Fahrenheit.
  • Dramatically improves the operations for cattle, poultry, and hog industries.
  • Repels flying insects, pollen, dust, and airborne particulates.
  • Drastically reduces energy consumption for industrial A/C and evaporative cooling units.
  • Improves overall efficiencies and working conditions in metal forging, refineries, and construction sites.
  • Ensures proper EMC levels.
  • Reduce static electricity.
  • Maintain ideal moisture content.
  • Maximize product stability & handling.
  • Reduce incidence of dust fires.
  • Reduce Evaporation.


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